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Moss Treatment

Benefits of using MiracleMOSS™


If you want to reduce the amount of moss and thatch in your lawn, then I can offer you our MiracleMOSS™ treatment. Typically, you will only need to do this once or twice a year. The best time being in Spring and Autumn, as additional lawn care treatments. MiracleMOSS™, not only reduces levels of existing moss, but also the level of thatch in the sward and it does this without the need for expensive scarification and mechanical raking. It is harmless to pets and wildlife and will not damage border plants.


MiracleMOSS™– Step by step guide


Step 1: We use a fully licence approved, high performance liquid moss killer.

Our first step is to apply a liquid moss killer that is very safe in use. It will kill even the heaviest moss layer in around 7-10 days and will also help to promote quick sward regrowth.


Step 2: We apply a biologically active product to decompose the dead material.

Our second step is to apply a product that contains naturally occurring bacteria and fungal species to your lawn. This unique, bespoke blend speeds up the natural decomposition of the dead material in your lawn, recycling the nutrients back into the sward.


Step 3: Repeat 2 above


Due to the natural nature of the product, and the variability of spring and autumn weather, we will re-apply the bacteria and fungi for a second time, about four weeks after the first application. This second visit is included in the price.

Please note: We do need a soil temperature to be around 7°c for it to be effective.


Number of Treatments: Typically, once to twice a year every 1 to 2 years.

Time of year: Spring and Autumn, April, September

Treatment Type: An additional lawn care treatment.


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What causes moss to grow?


Moss is a primitive plant and could even be one of the world’s oldest plant specimens. There are thousands of species of moss with over 50 known to affect turf surfaces. These types of moss are usually coarse and loose in appearance, with green or yellowish-green tufts between the grass. However, there are some types of moss which can form densely matted tufts or in the case of Polytrichum, appear like small forests of miniature Christmas trees.


In comparison to the rest of the lawn, moss will usually give it a quite uneven colour and surface. Not only that loose mosses can make the lawn feel spongy when walking on it. Moss had no root structure and depend on moisture for survival and reproduction.


Moss can be a temporary problem following drought or waterlogging, or can be part of a persistent problem with a lawn suggesting there are problems with the underlying conditions it's growing. When small patches of moss start to grow, it competes against the lawn for water and nutrients, making the lawn spongy and uneven to walk on.


On new lawns, moss may grow due to poor site preparation but on established lawns a number of factors could be the cause, including:


  • Spare grass coverage
  • Worn areas of turf - for example along walkways or children's play areas
  • Low soil pH (acidic soil) - a soil test can help identify this.
  • A lack of feed
  • insufficient aeration
  • Poor drainage (retention of water on the lawn surface can be a major factor, commonly caused by compacted soil and especially where the lawn is over a clay soil which is more prone to waterlogging).
  • Impoverished lawns or infertile soil
  • Poorly prepared or poorly maintained lawns
  • Excessive Shade - moss prefers to grow in shady conditions which is also why it is more likely to grow in the winter months when days are shorter.
  • Close mowing - this can leave weak or bare areas for moss and weeds to grow.


Once moss is killed, it is important the vigour of the grass is improved and the other contributory factors are addressed in order to prevent moss growing again.


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