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The majority of untreated lawns play host to several lawn problems and disorders which can cause it to not look its best.


All lawns are different but the following information gives an overview of some of the more common problems we encounter. Your qualified Lawn3 consultant will conduct a full analysis of the specific issues affecting your lawn and devise a treatment schedule giving you a lawn to be proud of.



Plantain.jpgThere are more than 500 weeds that can be found in lawns in the UK. As well as looking unsightly in a lawn they compete with the grass for light, water and nutrients and therefore need to be removed.
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Probably the biggest headache in the garden, moss thrives in the vast majority of untreated lawns. Mild winters are exacerbating the problem. A multi-pronged approach is needed to control it.
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leatherjacket_1.jpgThese are the grubs of the common crane fly or “daddy long legs” They cause severe damage to turf areas over the autumn to spring period when they are feeding on the grass roots.
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The most common two diseases that are to be found in our lawns are Fusarium Patch or Snow Mould and Red Thread.
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Toad Stools and Fungi

Common Toad Stools will often be found on the lawn in spring and autumn. They will not cause lasting damage and can often be admired.
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