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water management with Lawn3 Hydrate©

hydrate_advert2.jpgThe new Lawn3 Hydrate© treatment has been introduced to help lawns withstand periods of dry weather by retaining water in the root zone so helping the lawn to stay lush and greener for longer. Lawn3 Hydrate© combats water loss during periods of drought by making the most of what water there is. Areas within the soil that have built up water repellent deposits will become dryer, resulting in the grass above dying off (known as 'dry patch').

Lawn3 Hydrate© is a wetting agent that allows water to wet organic layers, it then moves down the soil profile ensuring long lasting water conservation effects. It does this by reducing the surface tension of water. The result is that when it does rain water can more readily enter the soil rather than running off, and the more water in the soil, the healthier your grass. Lawn3 Hydrate© significantly reduces irrigation requirements.

  • Number of Treatments: Various, depending on soil condition, e.g. every 8 weeks to reduce water logging.
  • Timing of Treatments: All year round.
  • Treatment Type: An additional lawn care treatment.


The benefits are:

  • Reduced irrigation requirements.
  • Drives water down the soil profile and so promotes deeper rooting.
  • Effective throughout the root zone.
  • Flexible application rates.

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