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Lawn 3 West Midlands offer lawn care services across Shrewsbury


With our advanced lawn care program we visit our customers up to five times during the year to ensure their lawns are kept in excellent condition.


The program is tuned to meet the exact requirement of the client's lawn because every lawn is different. Levels of shade, soil type, age, etc. are all aspects that affect the way a lawn grows and has to be cared for.


We use fertilisers appropriate for the time of year we visit, and moss and pest controls to ensure the lawn is managed to its optimum condition for your budget.

If you live in the Shrewsbury area and wish to get a free lawn assessment fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Lawn Treatments in Shrewsbury

According to data stored at the UK Soil Observatory,  soil around Shrewsbury tends to be either loam or clay soil. Whilst loam soil is ideal for most grass types, clay soil can have some disadvantages.


It is a heavy soil type which can get sticky when wet. Also due to the small particle size it can be difficult for soil and nutrients to pass through the soil. This makes regular aeration important for maintaining lawns as the soil can become compacted, leading to possible waterlogging.


Waterlogging can be very problematic for lawns, causing the lawn to effectively drown and kill the plant, whilst also encouraging things like moss to grow which will require moss treatment. It can also cause the lawn to become yellow and patchy.


If you would like to discuss treating your lawn, get in touch with us on 01384 70722 today.


About Us


Lawn 3 West Midlands  provides a professional lawn treatment service to customers in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas. We are committed to giving customers the very latest in lawn care technology and take great pride in our service. We are a family run lawn maintenance company, with over 15 years experience, after being established in 2006.


We are committed to providing clients with healthy green lawns, in so doing a great job and putting excellent customer service at the heart of what we do. You can take a look at our testimonials from many happy customers we have worked with over the years.


We provide a full range of lawn care treatments, including:


  • Herbicide Treatments - A treatment to control the growth of weeds on your lawn by killing the weed plant with herbicides, whilst protecting the rest of your lawn.
  • Essential Winter Tonic - Our winter tonic allows us to provide moss treatment at the end of the season, so that you have a head start on the moss come the spring.
  • Fertiliser Treatments - Fertilisers to improve the health of your lawn throughout the year, to help give it a consistent and even colour.
  • Moss Treatments - our MiracleMOSS™ treatment can be used to help get rid of moss within your garden quickly and easily
  • Aeration - Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to pass through the lawn more easily, helping to reduce thatch and unlock the nutrients stored in the soil that can help your grass to grow.
  • Scarification - Allows us to remove moss and thatch from a lawn mechanically which does get rid of moss but it is worth noting that your lawn can look in a poor condition whilst grass grows back afterwards.
  • Seeding - using grass seeds to help grow back bare patches of lawn to restore it back to it's former glory.

If you would like to discuss treating your lawn, get in touch with us on 01384 70722 today.

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