hard surface moss/weed control

Hard Surface Moss Control

  • Works on hard surfaces such as paths, patios and walls.
  • Enhances any garden.
  • No more slippy, slidy paths with grotty outdoor surfaces.
  • No scrubbing or damaging pressure washing with our hard surface cleaning process.
    (WARNING - It does not remove stains etc.)

We use a high-performance broad spectrum anti-bacterial disinfectant, fungicide, algaecide and detergent that targets green/black mould, algae and moss on all exterior hard surfaces. We will kill growths typically within 2-4 days, and the secondary detergent action helps to gently clean the treated surface in the following weeks and months. Any dead growth that has not been removed by the elements can be lightly brushed away 2-4 months after treatment, or sooner if required.


Hard Surface Weed Control

Total weed control on Patios, Drive Ways and Paths. Weeds, as well as looking unsightly, can damage these surfaces, so they need controlling.

Do you have weedy paths, drives and patios? Please ask us about our weed control service.


Weed and moss control may require more than one treatment per year.

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