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Bewdley resident's moss problem


My free lawn care assessment of a Bewdley resident's lawn, showed that it had large amounts of moss in parts with heavy weed cover in all areas. The sward was thinning and of poor quality. The lawn hadn't received any work on it other than mowing for several years. I disused these findings with the home owner and working with her to produce a plan of action for the lawn. I now gave her a written quotation for the work need.


It was decide to tackle the moss problem in two ways:

  1. by using solid tine aeration, to stimulate the soil biology,
  2. to apply our MiracleMoss™ treatment; an organic product that contains a moss control and commonly occurring soil bacteria to digest the dead moss so clearing out the sward.


We further decided that I should commence with our advanced lawn care programme, a series of 5 visits throughout the year. These include high quality lawn fertilisers to thicken the sward, appropriate herbicides to irradiate the weed, and moss controls to maintain very low levels of moss ingress.


Monitoring of the lawn condition throughout the year showed these treatments to be very successful. The moss level was greatly reduced. The weed cover was completely gone, and the sward had responded to the fertiliser becoming greener, thicker and healthier.


The client was very impressed with the results, I now continue the regular visits applying our advanced lawn care. The lawn remains weed free, green and thick, with a healthy sward, and the moss is reduced to a level that does not impact on the quality of this lawn.

A Walsall client wants a lovely-looking lawn


The client has only a back lawn, so she wanted it to be "a nice lawn that's green with no weeds". I first did my free lawn assessment and discussed the findings with the client. The lawn sward consisted of many grass species so that its appearance poor quality. The usual weeds, (daises, and dandelions' etc.) were present and were growing well and in number. To turn the quality of this lawn around we decided the following plan:


  • The lawn would receive our advanced lawn care programme, a series of five visits each year when high quality fertilisers are applied a long with appropriate herbicides.
  • The lawn would be scarified and over seeded with a grass seed that has finer blades.
  • The weed grasses would be specially targeted and destroyed.

Over the coming year the lawn began to respond well to the fertiliser. The over seeding and targeting of the weed grasses began to improve the quality of its appearance and the weeds were removed completely.


The client now has the nice green weed free lawn they've always wanted.

I now regularly apply our advanced lawn care, keeping the lawn under control and the client happy.

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