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Here at Lawn3, we provide a wide range of lawn maintenance services in the West Midlands and surrounding areas, helping to transform your lawn and keep it lush, green and healthy for years to come.


Our services can resolve a range of lawn issues, including:


  • Weeds such as dandelions, buttercups and creeping buttercups, ribworts, plantains, white clovers, daisies, mouse-ear chickweeds, yarrows, trefoils, speedwells, thistles and lesser celandines
  • Moss
  • Pests including leather jackets, chafer grubs and frit flies
  • Disease including white patches, red threads and toadstools
  • Meadow Grass


Lawn Treatments include:


  • Herbicide treatments to control the growth of weeds
  • Essential winter tonic to help your grass survive the colder and darker months
  • Fertiliser treatments to help restore your turf’s colour and encourage healthy growth
  • MiracleMossTM treatment to remove moss from your garden
  • Lawn Aeration to encourage oxygen to enter the root zoon and encourage a healthy root mass, which will help your grass plants to grow and help with drainage to combat moss colonisation.
  • Scarification to remove moss and thatch from the lawn service
  • Seeding to repair your grass.


Why is maintaining your lawn so important?


Maintaining your lawn is much more affordable than replacement and having a regular maintenance schedule for your grass will help it to stay healthy for years to come.


Having an unhealthy lawn can make your garden appear unattractive and make you less inclined to use your outdoor spaces which can have impacts on your health and wellbeing. It can also benefit the environment with benefits including:


  • Purifying and improving air quality
  • Improving water quality and preventing soil erosion
  • Cooling the air
  • Grasses abound and reduce noise pollution


Why choose us?


If you are looking to get your lawn back into tip-top condition, then here are some reasons why Lawn 3 can help:


  • We are a family business with Paul Hickman being the proprietor and have been established since 2006.
  • Lawn 3 is a full member of the Institute of Groundsman ship, a professional organisation founded by groundsmen and women to raise the standards of the profession.
  • Lawn 3 is registered with the Voluntary initiative which aims to deliver environmental improvements through biodiversity and water quality.


We are aware that our customers take great pride in their lawns, seeing them as an extension of their home and they want a lawn to be proud of, as a result we know you expect:


  • Clear advice and to be kept informed
  • Timely and regular attendance
  • Knowledgeable, professional and courteous lawn care experts
  • Products that are environmentally safe and pet friendly
  • Value for money


If you would like us to take a look at your lawn, please get in touch by calling us on 01384 70722 to speak to one of our friendly lawn care professionals.

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